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Relaxation Drinks - like iChill that are fake
All Relaxation Drinks with Melatonin may be Hazardous,

Not too long ago an article was submitted discussing about Relaxation Drinks. You may, or may not know, there are many different relaxation drinks on the market

I think it was definitely an interesting readsince I perceive many of us believed this.

In the article by NY Daily news, it was claimed that drinks like Ichill are dangerous since they have 50 times the body's natural MelatoninBut competitor Minichill has 0% Caffeine and 0% Melatonin.You tell me who wins the competition

Melatonin? How is relaxing the same as sleeping? Really? Sleeping should never be equated the same as falling asleep.Companies such as Ichill are falsely claiming their product relaxes you when it just puts you to sleep

I used Ichill and just got knocked out. Great, so much for relaxing and doing my work?

I tried this product called Mini Chill, and the best thing of all it has NO Melatonin! and yes, let us not forget, it's a relaxation drink among relaxation drinks. I wish I could hear what the article writer would have to say about Mini Chill. It's backed by a peer-reviewed scientific study and was formulated by Dr. Benjamin Weeks. Link to the article he published
There is one more publishing in regards to this, but I just can't seem to find it. I am sure if you googled it

In summation the problem really is becoming our U.S. Lifestyle is filled with stress Are we going to corporations to expose our our problems and sell us half thought out products? I believe that all products should have {some scientific study|a scientific study|scientific studies| backing them up. A commercial shouldn't be the reason you buy a product The only product I see that is above the competition right now is minichill. No calories and so many other perks, I see no reason to not use it. Is comatose the same as relaxing?

The best thing we can do right now is be better consumers If we are better consumers, we can punish companies like Ichill for not producing products correctly

As a matter of fact, I believe we should patronize corporations like Mini Chill for being the only company with a Doctor backing it MiniChill is the only company that has doctor verified results backing it - something no other product can claim.

I think that Mini Chill is really on to something.


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